Welcome to affordable retail therapy!

We are a women's boutique specializing in affordable apparel and accessories, from many different designers and locations. There's always something fun and unique to shop for within your budget. We started out as a boutique on wheels, which led us to our flagship storefront on Main Street in Boonton, New Jersey. Stop by and find something to LOVE!

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Step inside for a quick visit...

We're making it easier to shop with us ANY TIME...

Check out our Poshmark Closet items directly from the boutique. We're posting our store on PoshMark to make it easier for you to shop on the go when there's no time or energy to stop by our boutique. That's right - don't miss a beat and stay Street Chic unique on our PoshMark widget right here. Or, log into PoshMark.com and shop our closet @streetchicmb!

A Girls Night Out!

How about getting together with the girls and having a blast?! We'll host your girls-night-out parties with a maximum of 10 girls at the shop! Crafts, paint parties, shopping parties - the options are limit-less. We like having a good time and ladies don't get together often enough to share. Come spend time sharing with your girlfriends and get back to just girl-stuff!

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